As the human species evolved, some parts of our bodies slowly lose their function and eventually become useless.

Since they appeared on Earth, our ancestors have passed through millions of years. During that time, some parts of the human body have lost their original very important and useful function and today we have them as a biological museum of memory in various periods through which we passed as a species.

This is a list of six examples of what we have, but it does not serve anything:

  1. Tail bone

People no longer need tail bone because they perfectly use the legs. However, most mammals will have a tail at some time in their lives, even if they lost it to the moment of arrival to the world. Between the first day and fifth to eighth day after conception, the human embryo looks like it is developing a tail in the womb. But until the arrival of the world it turns into the spine.

  1. Men’s nipples

Men and women are developing in the womb in the same way in the first 60 days. Thereafter, those with the Y chromosome get testosterone, which will stimulate the development of male sexual organs rather than women’s. But until that moment there will be nipples that later will disappear under the influence of male hormones.

  1. Wisdom teeth

The human jaw over time has become smaller, resulting in a problem with wisdom teeth, which often do not have enough space in the mouth for proper growth. This is why it is not necessary that our teeth growing when we are older. In addition, we are no longer forced to chew solid food, raw vegetables and meat.

  1. Muscles of goose bumps

Under each hair there is a miniature muscle that raises and lowers the hair. Our ancestors had a lot more hair on their body and goose bumps served them to look bigger and stronger and that they keep the body warm. This is now done by many animals – in dangerous situations they stood up to make them look bigger and thus ward off predators. A good example from everyday are cats.

  1. The third eyelid

At the corner of the eye, near the nose, there is a little thin skin that does not need to be here, because the man does not serve for anything. It is called the third eyelid. As well, birds and reptiles have it. It is colorless and is used for eye protection from moisture, and at the same time enabling the animal to see all around.

  1. Parts of the ears

The set of muscles which serves people to move the ears is unnecessary, except perhaps for a party to those who could do it, because not everyone can. Namely, in the animal world, this action helps to better hear the sounds, but in humans it has nothing to do neither helps better hearing.