Complete Guide On How To Lose Lot Of Pounds!

Losing weight is a hard task, especially if there are a lot of pounds to be eliminated. But even fifty pounds can be eliminated in about four months, if you have strenuous exercise and healthy diet regimen.

If you follow the next steps, it will help you lose twelve pounds a month or about three pounds per week. You should be dedicated and follow the steps. They include exercise and healthy diet which should be adopted for long time if you want to reach your goals.


1st step

You should start eating healthy food. Add whole grains and do not count the calories. Consume high-quality food. Avoid sweets, carbs and processed food, but include whole grains, lean protein, veggies and natural sugar (fruits).

2nd step

Do not overeat. Eat in moderation as overeating won’t help you reach your goals. Have half plate of veggies with low calories but rich in nutrients. Do not eat more than ½ cup of whole grains and a 3oz serving of protein like flank steak, white fish or chicken breast. Follow this plan because it is the only way to lose the unwanted pounds in four months.

3rd step

You should also include healthy fats. They will keep you full. Add a tsp. of olive oil, coconut oil, 1 tbs. of flaxseed or chia seeds, ¼ avocado, etc. in your salad or smoothie. Between the meals, eat nuts to satisfy the cravings.

4th step

Sugary coffee drinks, 100% “natural” juices, alcohol and carbonated drinks are a big NO. They are loaded with empty calories and sugar that will make you crave even more.


1st step

You should burn 500 calories using the training session. Along with the 750 to 1000calories that are reduced by the diet, you lose healthy calorie amount on a daily basis.

2nd step

Do cardio as it burns the most of the calories. Increase the difficulty and duration of the training gradually otherwise you are at risk of injury. Walk thirty to 45 minutes, three times a week and after couple of weeks, increase the frequency and duration. After few months you can try fitness workout, bide riding or swimming.

3rd step

When finished with the fitness training, continue with interval training. This training has alternating sessions of training that is intensive and short periods of rest. It gives amazing results. Warm up and run 2 minutes or walk twenty to thirty minutes of hard work out.

4th step

After few weeks, add weight training to increase the energy burn. Go to gym, but consult a personal trainer for better results. You can also perform them at home. Do eight to twelve repetitions in set, twice a week, but never in consecutive days. Do crunches, triceps dips, pull-ups, squats and push-ups. When you master these exercises, add some weight like resistance bends or dumbbells and do the same exercises.

5th step

The sedentary lifestyle can affect the goals. That is why you should avoid sitting and try to be active. Take runs, long walks, clean and vacuum the house, go to bowling or anything that keeps you up on feet. You can also go dancing. Do whatever you like, but do not sit for too long, as it will affect the results.


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