Many parents use wet wipes for baby care, and are not even aware that they are not good for the baby’s skin. Many babies get redness and itching because of them, because their skin is sensitive.

baby-wipesVarious wipes and products such as Johnson, Cottonelle and Huggies contain hazardous chemical Methylisothiazolinone.

Pediatrician and dermatologist Dr. Mary Wu Chang has conducted many tests. An eight year old girl had terrible rash, and doctor Chang has found that the wipes are the main cause of the rash.

In addition to these girls, five other children had the same symptoms, and all because of these wipes. The doctor therefore advises parents to turn to alternative and do not use the products full of chemicals.

Otherwise, it is discussed about whether products such as Johnson and the like are cancerous. Make sure you understand and be careful what you put into contact with children because children are very sensitive, and so you need to take special care.