During the summer, often can appear pimples on our back, except that they don’t look nice, they can be very painful. Dermatologist Gorana Isailović explains how to get rid of them.

On the back there are sebaceous glands, so the pimples usually occur during the summer due to incorrect use of sunscreen oil.

They appear on the back and chest, with the abuse of the consumption of proteins based on cow’s milk and steroids at bodybuilders, but also with the use of sunscreen oil that cause closing the pores of the sebaceous glands – explains Gorana Isailovic, dermatologist.

However, these pimples can occur because of clothes, so try during hot days to wear cotton clothing. Take a shower regularly as the sweat wouldn’t dwell on the body, and use a mild shower gels.

Eat a healthy food to have a beautiful and healthy skin.

Food may also lead to the appearance of pimples, so try to avoid junk food.

If this annoying attack becomes ill, be afraid, because it’s an infection.

– When from the phase of comedones they pass into the stage of inflammatory acne, cysts and nodes then occur and pain as a result of inflammation – says dermatologist.

Don’t be your own doctor, consult with a specialist what is the best to use, don’t press them.

Skin cleansing and exfoliation are required in the fight against pimples

– Pimples on the back are treated in the same way as acne on the face. It is use preparations for cleaning grit, peeling, and products that soothe inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Sometimes you have to take preparations for systemic use of antibiotics or retinoids. It is used in addition to the home, and professional skin care with acne as peels, laser, blue light, microdermabrasion – said Isailovic.