Depression is a mental disorder characterized by mental and physical state of imbalance. Ill persons are very low mood, lack of self-confidence without faith in their selves, and feel worthless. Anxiety, a feeling of not belonging and worthlessness, and hallucinations are the most common symptoms.

To solve this problem, herbalists advise germinated wheat, which is full of valuable enzymes, vitamins and trace elements.


Put washed rice into a jar, and water [1/3 of wheat, 2/3 of water]. Cover the jar with gauze, secure with a rubber band and let it stand for about 24 hours until a germ is up to three millimeters. Then strain the beans, and drink water instead of plain water.

Eat two tablespoons of sprouted wheat in the morning and at noon before meals. Be sure to chew for a long time. Keep it in the fridge in a sealed jar with a little water up to four days.