Women are beautiful, incredible, and powerful people and can achieve anything they set their minds to. Having to deal with oppression and inequality for centuries, there have been a ton of things women have had to fight for including

  • Voting rights,
  • Equal pay,
  • Health requirements.

Women are strong and determined and pretty amazing! However, there may be some facts about being a female that you didn’t know about before.

Here are 10 interesting facts that are a part of what makes women so awesome. Whether it be something unique the female body does or something amazing a woman has done in the past, there are a bunch of amazing things on this list. Which one is your favorite?

1. Unite: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician and was the longest serving First Lady of the United States. During this time, women were not seen fit to contribute to newspapers as actual journalists and were only allowed to submit columns on domestic topics. That was until Eleanor Roosevelt decided to do something about it.

The First Lady refused to be interviewed by male reporters or journalists which forced newspapers to hire females.

2. Dreams: According to research, women tend to have more nightmares and emotional based dreams than men.

Scientists have yet to come up with a reason as to why this is, but it could be linked to female hormones or the fact that a woman’s body changes temperature as it goes through its monthly cycle.

3. Old Age: On average, women tend to live longer lives than men. Women are estimated to live to be 79.8 years old.

Men on the other hand have a life expectancy of about five years less than this. According to the Imperial College School of Medicine, women have a stronger immune system which keeps them healthier for longer. They also claim that women can produce a higher white blood cell count than men even if they are the same age.

4. Heartbeat: Because the female heart is smaller than a male’s, it has to beat faster in order to make up for its size. A woman’s heart usually weighs around 8 oz compared to a man’s which typically weighs 10.

The woman’s heart beats about 8 more times per minute than that of a man’s. I wonder whose heart would beat faster during a scary movie or when nervous?

5. Catwalk: Although the stereotype is that women are obsessed with shoes and love walking in high heels, the height altering shoes were actually designed for men at first.

High heels are believed to be worn first by Persian warriors as the heel helped secure their feet in the saddles while riding a horse. This Persian fashion trend caught on, and during a period when women began to dress more masculine they began smoking pipes and wearing high heeled shoes. King Louis is also known for sporting a pair of fashionable high heeled shoes and long flowing hair. 

6. Programmer: One of the world’s first computer programmers was a woman named Ada Lovelace.

She is known for her work on Charles Babbage’s computer proposal. She was responsible for writing the first algorithm to be carried out by a machine.

7. Chit Chat: It’s well known that girls can be pretty chatty. In fact, it’s estimated that women speak an average of 20,000 words a day whereas men only speak about 13,000.

Research suggests that this is because the female brain has a higher level of concentration thanks to a protein called FOXP2.

8. Sweaty Facials: In ancient Rome, women used to apply sweat and dirt scraped from gladiators skin to their faces under the impression that it would help their complexion and make them look more beautiful.

The sweat was collected by scraping the skin with a tool called a strigil. The sweat would be collected and stored in vials that wealthy women would purchase. People were very influenced by the gladiators because they were the celebrities of that time.

9. Adultery: According to studies, it looks like on average women are a little bit more faithful than men. A recent study proved that 68% of women would have an affair if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.

While that number is still shockingly high, it’s lower than the 78% of men who said they would have an affair if they knew they could get away with it.

10. Bathroom Break: If you’re not a girl, you’ve probably noticed that ladies often take several trips to the washroom a day and when one girl goes they all do. This isn’t because there’s some elite club hidden in there, it’s because girls really do need to use the washroom more.

Women have smaller bladders than men and this is to make room for the uterus. So if you’re a girl and someone makes fun of you for using the washroom too often, you can just tell them that it’s because your uterus is in the way.


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