If you’re overweight, you have difficulty digesting and excess pounds, it may be a good time to stop eating dairy products.


Most people cannot imagine life without milk and dairy products, although they are the main culprit for bloating and difficult digestion.

There is no common opinion when it comes to milk. On the one hand, the belief is that milk is an excellent source of calcium and proteins that are useful for the body, or for its growth and development.

On the other hand, alternative medicine claims that milk is not healthy at all and that man is the only one who drinks the milk of another mammal and continues to do it after childhood.

This is supported by the fact that more and more people are intolerant to milk, i.e. lactose, because the amount of lactase enzymes that decomposes this sugar decreases with age and results in difficulty digestion. Also, the amount of renin, an enzyme that breaks protein from the milk – casein – also leads to problems with digestion.

If you have planned to leave milk and dairy products, here are some changes you can expect on your body.

Clean skin

Milk contains hormones like testosterone that can stimulate the skin’s glands, according to a study by Dartmouth Medical School. In other words, the restriction of dairy products will reduce the number of pimples and unpleasant growths on your skin.

Reduced bloating of the stomach

It is known that 75 percent of the world’s population is intolerant to lactose, because we are genetically programmed so that after childhood we stop producing an enzyme that breaks down lactose. One form of lactose intolerance is inflammation and abdominal pain.

Changing body weight

If you exclude dairy products from your diet, you can lose or get pounds. This depends on what you will enter in the body instead of the cheese. Weight gain comes when you replace this type of protein with foods rich in carbohydrates.

If you like milk, and you have some form of intolerance or sensitivity, then you can try eliminating these foods for a certain period of time to see if there will be a decrease in symptoms. In this case, you can turn to alternatives such as coconut, almond or rice milk.


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