Although the plants are most commonly used to decorate homes and offices, there are some plants that can bring positive energy into your home. Other plants can purify the air, while others can promote prosperity and peace. Elimination of negative energy at home is the first step towards better overall health and happiness, and these 3 plants will help to make it happen!


3 plantsOrchid

According to Feng Shui, orchid attracts positive energy and improves the lives of homeowners. It has a beautiful long lasting flower that vary in shape and size and has sweet fragrance that can lighten the mood in seconds. They are excellent plants for the bedroom, because it releases oxygen during the night.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is another herb that brings positive energy in your home. Can also be used as a remedy for many diseases due to health benefits. Aloe Vera plant should be placed in an area with indirect sunlight and regular irrigation. Its energy can be easy to fight against bad luck and negative vibes.


Rosemary purifies the air and improves your physical and mental health, but when it is home free of toxins. Its scent will lift your mood, reduce fatigue and anxiety and improve your memory almost instantly. Do not over-watering and make sure to keep it in a sunny spot.