Worrying is part of our nature. The only difference is that some of us worry too much about everything and some worry less, but it`s something that we all do. Little bit of worry can sometimes be even constructive but worrying always about every little thing can be bad for you and your health in so many ways. Being a worrier, having chronic worries can be counterproductive and can cause depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Not being able to have your peace of mind, always fighting with thoughts and worries it diminishes your daily productivity. It makes you distracted and an able to concentrate on doing your daily duties.  It`s a condition that it`s not easy to handle and eliminate and having people around telling you to relax and stop worrying it makes things even worse.

For some people constant worrying is pointless and nothing serious because they just don’t understand what is it like to drown in the worries constantly and how it affects you and your health. But for those who struggle with this problem, who cannot quiet their thoughts and mind and simply let go of the worries is very serious issue and it`s not easy to shake it off.


Writing things down

When you go to bed and can`t sleep because there are some thoughts that are running around in your mind distracting you and making you anxious, get up and write them down. Writing you thoughts, instead of doing the list in your mind of everything that you need to do and remember, helps your brain to relax and you can focus your energy on something else.


The research conducted on 19.000 studies at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore proved that meditation can reduce psychological stress. It can help you with depression, anxiety and even pain. Meditation is very helpful for so many reasons. People meditate to be in syntony with themselves or with nature. Others meditate to open and clear their mind and to slow down the frenetic surroundings and to reduce anxiety and stress.


It`s scientifically proven that exercising can relieve stress because it affects the “happy” brain hormone that is the serotonin. Some studies show that exercising makes the brain even more resistant to stress and remodels the brain. Exercising also diminishes the effects of oxidative stress.

There are so many different exercises that you can chose from. Find the ones that are good for you and your body and that you enjoy doing and incorporate them in your daily routine. This way you can help yourself and in time your brain will become more and more relaxed and the worrying will stop.


Source: https://healthyfoodwhisperer.com/3-simple-habits-will-help-train-brain-stop-worrying/