There is a point located between the navel and pubic bone and is called “sea of energy.”

It is believed that pressing this point you can activate the healing of several health conditions caused by indigestion and weakened immunity.

bowelsIn Chinese medicine this powerful acupressure point is also called the sacral chakra. When stimulated by acupuncture needles or finger, it causes the smooth flow of energy.

Pressing the “sea of energy” you can strengthen your immune system, digestive system, and reproductive system which will reduce bloating of the stomach and menstrual pain will get rid of gases or of constipation and diarrhea (syndrome irritable bowel).

How to apply “sea of energy”?

Put the index, middle and ring finger in the line below the navel and gently press until you feel the small point.

Press and breathe deeply. This way you will stimulate this powerful point and you will feel the energy will begin to flow through your body.

This you can do while standing, sitting or lying with legs and back to the floor.

Also, by stimulating this point you can increase satisfaction in intimate moments with your partner.

Regular practice of this ancient technique can help people suffering from addiction because it allows reinstatement to the emotional stability.