40 years is a definite milestone in the life of a woman, when much has been achieved and life is already well established, there is a family, and stable work. But, looking at herself in the mirror, the woman sadly notes that extra pounds are added every year to the hips and waist areas, forming ugly wrinkles.

How to lose weight and get back the form without harming your health and avoiding sagging the skin in problem areas? In losing weight 40-year-old women have their own characteristics.

Women at this age are active enough, they are engaged in work and household and lead a measured lifestyle. But after forty years, the woman’s body begins to change metabolism in the direction of extinction of reproductive function and slowing of metabolism. Therefore, there are changes in the structure of the body, in the features of fat deposition and well-being.

#1. Assess your health

First of all, you need to talk with your doctor and assess your health. If there are no contraindications from the therapist, you need to determine your ideal weight and caloric intake. It is better to apply for this purpose to a professional dietician, but if you can not, you can rely on approximate data.

#2. Add a couple of kilograms…

Do not try to lose weight to the result that you had in twenty years – with age, the weight can be reduced a little 3-5 pounds. That is, remember, at what weight you were most comfortable before, and to him, add a couple of kilograms.

#3. Focus on about 1500 calories per day

With calorie, everything is easier: you need to focus on about 1500 calories per day, or calculate caloric value, multiplying your real weight by 22, and from the result of subtracting on weight loss of about seven hundred calories.

#4. Do not eat after six

For 40-year-olds, the rule “Do not eat after six” is very important, and the dinner itself should consist of easily digestible foods with low calories.

#5. Unloading days

A couple of times a week is worth spending unloading days (on apples, other fruits, kefir or yogurt). Choose the product that you like most, and apply it. Or alternate different discharges.

#6. Less fats, more proteins

Also, nutritionists recommend that in 40 years, the balance between fat and protein in nutrition should be reconsidered – in proteins the body begins to experience a deficit, but it does not need extra fat. But remember what we said earlier: absolutely no fats, they simply should be less.


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