At Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, the researchers studied the effects of coconut oil and toothpaste inside the mouth to see which has the most beneficial results.

Coconut oilWhat they found is that only one tablespoon of coconut oil instead of using toothpaste can have much more impact on hygiene in the mouth.

How exactly does coconut oil act on the teeth? First, coconut oil has the ability to prevent cavities better than any brand of mouthwash / toothpaste. Also, there are no side effects at all when using coconut oil just because of the fact that it is a natural substance, it does not contain chemicals or anything harmful.

In addition, coconut oil is proven to kill compounds of bacteria found in the mouth, much better than toothpaste ever could.

It is important to know that coconut oil is used for a variety of other simple activities of the daily routine as brushing teeth, cosmetic products, cooking, first aid solutions, dryer, etc.

The study recommends that you use only a tablespoon of coconut oil when you brush your teeth. Make sure you do not swallow the oil to avoid entering bacteria.