Ginger is very healthy and should be used often. You can buy it chopped and add to the food. It acts has inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Besides, it is very important because it kills cancer cells.

Entering 2 grams of ginger a day, you will cleanse the body of harmful bacteria and toxins. All this is happening just an hour after use. After 2 hours, the full effect is achieved.

These are some of the medicinal properties of ginger:

  • Fights against all types of cancer, and in particular in colon cancer
  • Eliminates nausea and dizziness
  • Reduces islands
  • Improves fat burning
  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • Beneficial for the digestive system

Ginger tea is so beneficial, and here’s how you can prepare it:


A handful of mint leaves

A small piece of ginger

A little cinnamon




Put water to cook, and when it boils, add ginger and mint. Let it cook for about 15 minutes, then remove from heat. Allow to cool and strain.

Add lemon and cinnamon. Lemon is never placed in hot so as not to lose its healing properties since the vitamin C is heat labile. Drink one glass daily and you will notice a significant improvement.