A spice which every day is in our diet, unlike other aromatic additives really melts fat. It is a black pepper. Turn in your daily meals and start the fight against fats.

Black pepper has a role in improving the performance of the digestive system, stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and gastric juices and accelerate the flow of food through the digestive system.

He is a great antioxidant and works well against internal inflammation and for that is one of the most important characteristics of pepper. Keeps cholesterol under control and destroys fats. Black pepper increases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is responsible for the breakdown of fats, and acts against bloating, gas and other stomach problems.

Pepper keeps its best flavor if is stored in the grain, and therefore as such is used. Top aromatic type of pepper is green that in combination with essential oil is used for melting the fats and removing of the cellulite.


– For maximum use of the most of the benefits of pepper buy whole grains, and then grind them and put them in your meals.

– Except in dishes pepper you can add in healthy drinks, vegetables or fruit. Enough is only a few grains for your metabolism to work better and to decomposes fats.