Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water immediately after waking up as the most important health habit. Scientists have officially confirmed the efficacy of this practice.

japanJapanese aqueous treatment gives excellent results as a natural agent for the treatment of meningitis, diabetes, gastritis, diarrhea, headaches, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, epilepsy, pain, heart failure, fats in the blood, kidney, urinary tract, nervous breakdown, hemorrhoids, eye diseases, menstrual cramps, general weakness, loss of energy and detoxification.

Japanese water therapy is done in the following way:

In the morning just after waking up, before brushing teeth, drink 4 glasses of lukewarm water or about 640 ml. After drinking water, the next 45 minutes do not need anything else to drink or eat. After that continue with your normal routines.

The treatment recommends also consuming lukewarm water during all three meals for up to 15 minutes after, and then a break of 2 hours between the meal and more water. The treatment gives excellent results for most ailments and cleanses the body after 30 days of use.

It is recommended that this method of drinking water be adopted as a permanent rule of life. There are no consequences and risks of such treatment in addition to which may cause more frequent urination. Those who find it difficult to start the day with more than half a liter of water, especially the elderly and the sick it is recommended gradually reaching the desired amount of 4 cups of water in the morning.

On many forums on the Internet you can find numerous testimonials of people who have significantly improved their health, energy and physical appearance by using this simple therapy.

Residents of Japan, unlike Western world almost never use cold water in the diet and are prone to consuming hot tea with food.

The Japanese have one of the healthiest and long-live nations on earth, and in 2008 they had registered over 33,000 people older than 100 years.


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