High blood pressure affects about 70 million people in the United States, all of which increase the risk of kidney failure, heart disease, stroke. Hypertension can be primary and secondary.

The primary is associated to the following factors:

– Age

– Obesity

– The use of drugs and alcohol

– Stress

– Smoking

The secondary is associated to:

– Problems with the thyroid gland

– Greater consumption of salt

– Lack of potassium

Below, read the recipe and method of preparation of the recipe that will regulate high blood pressure.


– 50 g of cranberries

– 4 oz. of water

– 200 g of celery


First clean the cranberries and celery, and cut into pieces. Put the ingredients into the pot and cook for half an hour and after that strain. You should consume thus prepared tea as often as you can and you will soon notice improvement. In addition we recommend that you reduce your salt intake and exercise more.


Source: http://prirodna-medicina.com/2017/01/30/ana-je-uz-pomoc-ovog-caja-regulisala-visok-krvni-pritisak/