Everyone need to have a good night sleep and rest well for our body and our mind can work properly and our organs as well.

People do not take this very seriously so prefer to do what they have and finish all of their tasks on time rather than have a rest or sleep well. Lack of sleep can be  dangerous for your body because  has a detrimental effect.

We need 8 hours sleep every night even though people who have a partner that snores can have a really big problem. People that snore in fact don’t know they’re snoring, but affect the person near them with their loud snoring. Here in this article, we will present you a natural remedy along with some tips to help you against snoring.

With this remedy snoring will disappear naturally!


  • -1 fresh ginger root
  • -¼ lemon
  • -2 apples
  • -2 carrots

You should combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Consume it several hours before you go to bed like it’s a juice.

The ingredient in this recipe have  their  own function:

Lemons abound in vitamin C and clear your nostrils. Ginger help in relieving  your pain and the pressure in your nose. Carrots and apples have power to  improve our sleep.

Some tips against snoring:

–Reduce the consumption of alcohol, especially before you go to bed.

–Before you go to bed have a light dinner. Avoid heavy meal and try not to eat meat.

– Have and maintain an ideal weight, since obesity can cause snoring.

–Take a CPAP mask in case of sleep apnea.

Avoid consuming chamomile or any kind of tea before you go to bed since it increases the vibrations of the bell.

If you consume cup of coffee it will offer you a less deep sleep. In this way, the oropharynx will be more relaxed.

Snoring will become a part of the past for you if you follow these tips and drink the juice regularly!


Source: http://consider-health.com/the-anti-snoring-juice/