Just as there are many people who like to have a beard, there are those who hate it, especially when it is about women.

chinThis method is old and was used by many people over the years.

You have to put 3 tbsp of nettle seeds in 100ml of any vegetable oil, and let it stay for 14 days. Then strain and store in a glass container.

Every evening, you should apply the mixture with a cotton swab on the problem areas, leave for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. The unwanted hair will be gone in the morning.


Source: http://www.narodnamedicina.info/2016/10/24/namazala-je-ovu-pastu-na-bradu-i-drzala-je-30-minuta-ujutro-je-rekla-zbogom-ruznim-dlacicama/