An important event is planned, and you do not like how your prepared outfit sits. You want to look impressive so much! As you know, fat is a fairly stable substance, but if you approach the issue in a complex way, then you can say goodbye to your belly fat and sides in such a short time.

A small tummy is considered quite normal. Even slender girls can have it. In such a way our body protects the reproductive organs, and is preparing for future motherhood. To lose weight in the abdomen, you should eat properly and do not forget about physical exercises.

This will help you remove fat and strengthen the muscle. Also, you will have to give up bad habits (such as alcohol and smoking) to return the slenderness of your figure. However, not only a healthy diet and working out can help you.

If you want to know a magical recipe for reducing belly fat, here you are: take camphor and baby oil and mix these two ingredients. After that leave the mixture for several days. Now, it is ready and you can apply it to your problem area.

Camphor is a natural substance, a natural essential oil derived from camphor tree branches, most often used for medical purposes. It has a pronounced antiseptic effect, gives an analgesic and anti-spasm effect. Also, it is very good for your skin.

Camphor oil is very useful for weight loss. Fat deposits on the hips and abdomen in women are practically devoid of blood supply. So, massage these parts of your body with camphor in order to strengthen the work of the blood vessels located there.

Camphor oil and sea salt can also be used as a scrub to activate blood circulation. Add a few drops of camphor oil into your cream and massage your skin against cellulite and to reduce fat. It will be much more effective with camphor.

Try all these procedures with camphor oil and enjoy a delicate skin without cellulite and shapely outlines of your body! However, you should remember to check whether you do not have any allergic reaction to camphor before using it.