Plush toys which are children’s best friend could be a potential danger to their health.

Experts have warned that 80 percent of the bacteria of soft toys can cause toxication, and tests showed that one of the four toys contained traces of excrement.plush toysAccording to the research of the company “Dettol”, three of four teddy bears, parents do not wash after their child was sick, and one in five had never been washed.

After analyzing of swab of various plush toys, mMicrobiologists found the bacteria Staphylococcus, which was the cause of toxication. Also, a quarter of them contain coliform bacteria, which indicates the possibility of presence of harmful organisms.

Dr. Lisa Eker, an expert on household hygiene advises that toys should be regularly washed in the washing machine.

As part of the campaign “Care For Your Bear ‘, which aims to raise awareness of the various microorganism that are potential danger for children, Dettol has prepared a guide for reducing the risk of illness of a child:

  1. Wash your teddy bear at a low temperature in the washing machine
  2. Avoid to wash your stuffed toys with regular laundry, as this will cause the spread of bacteria
  3. Teddy bear should be dried naturally
  4. For additional protection, if necessary, put the teddy bear in a mesh bag to wash or pillowcase
  5. Regularly remove stains with a sponge.