Babies are the biggest happiness for every women. Getting pregnant after getting married is such an overwhelming for every women that are wishing to have a baby, to play the role of mom, and also, getting conceive with twins is like flying in heaven for them.

Giving birth to a child is indeed what every woman craves for and this feeling is unmatched with any other pleasures of life. Conceiving with twins can be very unpredictable when it comes to natural circumstances, but doing it with any medical treatments as IVF and IUI can raise the chances of it medically. Also, if you want to know if there are some natural ways of conceiving with twins, you should continue reading.

How to natural formation of twins?

Most of the twins are fraternal, and that means that they are conceived when two eggs are released during ovulation and they develop from two different eggs. Opposite of them, identical twins are rare and they are conceived from one egg, which splits in two in the early pregnancy.

How to increase the chances of getting conceived with twins?

There exist a lot of things that will increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins, but they may be our of your control. One of the things can be if you have family history of twins, the chances will be increased. Another factors can be your ethnicity and your age. African American women are more likely to conceive twins than Caucasian women. And Asian women have lower chances in this. Also, the chances of conceiving twins are more common in older women.

In the lines below, you can see certain things that will improve and increase the chances of having twins. As we already mentioned, some of them happen naturally and others are in our control. There was also a recent study which showed that women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher have more chances to have twins.


– You should increase the intake of dietary products. Women that regularly intake dietary products have increased chances fir having twins by 5 times. Also, eat wild yams. This theory comes from Africa, from a small town in Nigeria, which claims that it has the highest rate of twins in the world. There may also be one chemical in the wild yams, or cassava root, which may cause hyper stimulation of the ovaries, resulting in the release of more than one egg during ovulation and that increases the chances.

– According to another study, you should continue breastfeeding, as the chances of conceiving twins were nine times more likely, than those women who are not breastfeeding.

– Try to conceive shortly after stopping the use of birth control pills. When a woman has been using the pills for six months or more, her body gets used to the birth control controlling her hormones.

After stopping the use of the pills, the body starts regulating the hormone production again and with time it leads to too much hormone stimulation. This can cause the ovaries to release too many eggs during the first ovulatory cycle or two after stopping the use of pills. So, the chances are also increased.