White crescent at the bottom of the nail is called “lunula” (“little moon” translated from Latin) and is a very important part of our body. It is very sensitive, and some experts say that its size can indicate some diseases.

linulaIn fact, it is about the visible tip of the nail root and it is very important for health. It should not be damaged, because the whole fingernail may remain permanently deformed. If only damage the rest of the nail and it falls, lunula remains intact and in place that should be.

What the lack of lunula reveal?

– If there is not lunula on the thumb it can indicate the presence of psychological disorders

– If it is too little or not at all on the finger it may indicate problems with the bowels, pancreas and liver, but also with the reproductive system in women.

– The absence of “lunula” on the middle finger indicates problems with blood pressure.

– The small or barely visible “lunula” on the fourth finger can be a sign that you suffer from a problem with the thyroid gland.

– If there is no “lunula” on the little finger it reveals indigestion which may be caused by slow metabolism and large amounts of toxins.


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