1 package of pasta Cannelloni

500 g minced meat

3 onions

300 g button mushrooms

2 dl white wine

200 g tomato sauce (for thr mixture), pepper to taste, seasoning to taste, oregano to taste, 200 g tomato sauce (for topping), 400 g yellow cheese (for topping)


1. Mixture for filling: In a little oil fry the chopped onion, add the meat, chopped mushrooms, wine, and finally 200 grams of tomato sauce. When the mixture is fried, add a little salt pepper and oregano.

2. Preparation for baking: Grease a baking pan with a little oil, pour 100 grams of tomato sauce, and over it 200 grams grated yellow cheese. On such a prepared substrate arrange cannelloni filled with the previously prepared mixture. Lined Cannelloni cover with the remaining 100 grams of tomato sauce and 200 grams of grated yellow cheese.

3. Bake at 200 degrees about 30 minutes. Pleasant


If desired, the mixture of cannelloni can be saved and with the chicken, simply, this is a recipe that can be experimented.