DNA damage in the sperm of men is getting worse every day, a survey showed. This damage can eventually cause sterility or certain disorders in the offspring.

bebaNumerous studies in recent years indicate that the “biological clock” with a man starts ticking already at age of 35. It turned out so that expectant mothers are not the only ones who should worry about for years when they will decide on the progeny. Scientists spoke of how the decline of fertility should think and men, although egg supply in women id wasting and sperm are produced for life.

– After 35 years starting accelerated changes of DNA in sperm cells – warns urologist dr. Narendra Singh, head of the research team.

DNA damage in sperm in men between 36 and 57 years are three times higher than for younger than 35. Dr. Singh points out that these changes, which can cause damage to the part of the DNA over time worsen by the day and in the end can cause sterility or certain disorders in the offspring.

New studies contradict the widespread belief that men are capable of fathering and advanced in age, than women. Men are advised not to hesitate to fatherhood.

– This does not mean that we advise men over forty years to stop work on the descendants. It’s just a warning that it is responsible to future acquisitions take care of the health and lifestyle – for example, avoid any food for which there is reasonable suspicion that is contaminated by pesticides – said dr. Stuart Malcolm, a urologist at the American University of Stanford.


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