The gold mine of vitamins or “super food”, also these are the names of the carrot. Originates from Central Asia and the Middle East, and carrot that today are available to as originate from AfghanistanWhen we say carrot, the first association is a beta-carotene in fantastic quantities. One carrot contain recommended daily dose of beta-carotene. When we eat carrots or other vegetables or fruits that are rich in beta-carotene, body converts them into vitamin A (important for maintenance of functions for normal vision, cell growth and healthy mucosa).

Vitamin A helps the eyes adapt to the dark, and improves the health of skin and hair. Carotene best exploits from the raw grated carrot. Is a long list of useful ingredients in carrot – is rich in minerals, vitamins, pectins and essential oils, also is a long list of conditions in which carrot acts beneficial. Carrot encourages the physical development of the child, strengthens the bones and increases resistance to infections, increases the number of red blood cells and protects and improves eyesight.

Has the role of the cleaner in the body of harmful substances which are formed with the consumption of the bad food, under the influence of polluted air and various radiations.

To improve the beneficial effect to the largest extent, carrot can be thermally processed with a little olive oil.

Freshly squeezed carrot juice is a great energy drink. Is good to keep the juice a few seconds in the mouth, because has a great power to kill bacteria.

Except for carbohydrates and proteins, contain large amounts of substances that contain fibers and create a feeling of satiety. It is believed that helps eliminate fatigue and improves concentration.

Thanks to its pleasant taste and easy digestion, the carrot is introduced in the nutrition of babies as one of the first vegetables.

And the carrot leaves can also be eating because they contain many minerals, but first should be thermally processed.

He is a vegetable which is easy to pack, and when taking into to the mind the fact that it is very nutritious, we can conclude that the carrot is great even as a proposal for a snack.