Researchers in the UK found that many products found in our homes, including insect sprays, deodorants and cleaning products contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can cause cancer, especially in children and old people.

poisonIt was researched how VOC in the solid or liquid evaporated off and contaminate the air inside the house. High levels of VOCs known as limonene, which can become cancerous formaldehyde if it is mixed with other elements is found in many household products.

Researchers from the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in London warned that the public is largely unaware of the dangers to which they are exposed. They concluded that air pollution in closed room causes deaths and contributes to death in 99,000 cases per year in Europe.

Examples includes adverse effects the development of a fetus, including the development of lung and kidney, as well as abortion, an increase in heart attack and stroke in older. Some are associated with asthma, diabetes, dementia, obesity and cancer. Evaporation of hazardous formaldehyde can emit a certain furniture, fabrics, glues and insulation.