Large concentrations of vitamin B in celery stimulates exchange of carbohydrates in the body, strengthens the brain and nervous system and soothing effect on the skin, hair,nails and eyes.Regular use of celery in food ensures strong immunity. If longer bothering you a sore throat and coughing celery will solve the problem. Root, stem and leaves are used in the preparation of popular recipes that yielded excellent results in problems caused by rheumatoid disease, gout, chronic catarrhlungs, chest cramps, asthma. It’s enough just a few minutes to chew fresh leaves of celery and will solve the problem with bad breath.

Balmy juice – regulates blood pressure because its composition contains active substances that relax the muscle arteries. Experts say celery it proved very good at reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. Eating celery juice for a period of eight weeks will clean up the blood vessels of fats (triglycerides and cholesterol) and will improve the disposal of bile acid. It’s known that this completely natural juice helps with menstrual problems, and in some cases regulate the cycle.

Antiseptic nature – an epithet natural urinary antiseptic, and tea from fresh celery used for disturbances in bladder and inflammation and kidney disease. Prevents interference in digestion, improves appetite, strengthens the stomach, regulates digestion and is used as a diuretic. Due to the high concentration of volatile oils and terpenes, celery act antibacterial and anti-mycotic in the lining of the intestines and urinary tract. Improves the blood circulation.

Shiny skin, hair, nails – celery has a low energy value, so it is a good for diet food, but therefore it is rich in minerals, vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. It is recommended to all who constantly waging war with weight and cellulite. Due to the large amount of vitamin B in their composition, encourages the exchange of carbohydrates in the body, strengthens the brain and nervous system and soothing effect on skin, hair, nails and eyes. Celery or celery juice act curative and as coatings or coating on the affected areas for various skin diseases.