When would you describe approximately the perfect food, it would sound like this: healthy, tasty, large and filling enough not to be hungry with hours. Fibers and proteins will help you to lose weight. Larger low-calorie foods will allow you to fill up and not thickened. Whether you are on a diet or you want a little to adjust the weight, these foods will help you without a lot of fats and calories to feel the fullness.Baked potato

Potatoes are full of vitamins, fibers and other nutrients, so that you have more energy and will be long felt fuller after you eat. Eat baked with a crust so like that have more fiber and only 1600 calories per meal.

Soup or stew with beans

It has a large amount of water, so will you saturate without many calories. Boiled beans it is a full of fiber, which in combination with water when it enters the stomach immediately send a signal to your body that you are no longer hungry. One cup of beans contains less than 150 calories.


One American study found that people who eat eggs for breakfast consumed 330 fewer calories than those who ate something else. They are full of proteins and 9 essential amino acids that the body can only produce. Once you eat egg amino acids pumping hormone that to your body tells him that is a satiated.

Greek yogurt

People who regularly consume yogurt over time lose more weight without trying. Yogurt satiated you, has few calories and regulates blood sugar levels.


Because of the large amount of pectin and fiber that help with the digestive system to digest, apples are considered for the best diet groceries. Add them to cereal or salad, and you can put apple slices in a sandwich on whole wheat bread.


This movie food has only 90 calories, and is an ideal replacement for potato chips and similar snacks. Add a little red pepper and you will feel satisfied very quickly.Figs

Fresh figs are great for people who like sweets. Add them and several proteins, tablespoon goat cheese and walnuts and you will get saturated diet dessert.


It is full of nutrient fibers and is absorbing the fluid like a sponge. When is boiled in water or milk, thickening and so it needs more time to pass through the body. Just because that after one such a meal you will feel satiated for hours.


This cereal is packed with proteins and fibers, nutrients that to the brain sends signals of pleasure and satiety. Add the quinoa in salad with apple and in some several other grains.


Delicious drink that will saturate you as a full meal. Mix it instead low-fat milk and any fruit and enjoy in the taste of fruit dessert.