The lion is the king of animals, and cherimoya of the fruits! This fruit originates from ancient Inca and it is so good that once was reserved only for the rulers!Cherimoya is also known as the custard apple, and the taste represented a combination of coconut, banana, pineapple and papaya. But that is not all…

This fruit originates from South America, specifically from the Andes. There is in subtropical regions of the world, and the largest commercial producer today is Spain.

Tropical apple is prickly and has a yellow-green skin. Inside is a white meat which is eaten so that the fruit is cut in half, and then consumed with a spoon. The meat can be enriched and with lime juice, but is probably best to enjoy the unique taste while not adding anything. Cherimoya is rich in vitamin C, and iron, calcium and phosphorus. It helps even in inflammation of the bladder and kidneys.

The fruits are collected while are still solid, given the fact that ripe in home temperature, to the sun. When is ripe, it hears the pressure of the fingers, like kiwi and avocado. Be careful not to buy brown or crushed fruit, because it marks the end of their shelf life. Sure, you can use it in a variety of salads or as an additive to various dishes.

And only to add that the great Mark Twain said that this fruit has the nicest flavor that is generally known to the people, so if this fruit was so good for one genius mind, give him a chance and you!