Chinese healers have been detecting and diagnosing all kinds of diseases by reading faces for thousand of years. The skin on the face can reflect the changes in your body because it is sensitive.

You can learn this ancient practice and have some clue about your health.

Since every area of our face is related to a particular organ, whenever we have some imbalance, it reflects on our face, and this is what the Chinese medicine have taught us. The most usual changes are in the color of the skin, pimples and rashes.

Forehead: Bladder and small intestine
Cause: It may be caused by too much alcohol, sugar, stress and continuous night life, consuming too much fat and canned food.
Cure: Try avoiding alcohol as much as possible, rest and have a normal sleep at night, consume large amounts of water and raw food.

Between the eyebrows: Liver
Cause: You are not getting as much rest as your body needs and your stomach is tired. If you consume too much meat, or you are allergic to some foods, means that your stomach is overworking.
Cure: Try to be exposed to fresh air, do some yoga or other exercises, try meditation and jogging, and don’t forget to eat some fresh and healthy meal.

Eyebrow arch: Kidneys
Cause: Poor circulation, weakened heart, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
Cure: Avoid sweetened drinks and alcohol and reduce the intake of caffeine by drinking more water.

Nose: Heart
Cause: Polluted air, poor circulation closed space, bloated stomach. In this part of the face, hypertension can lead to many issues.
Cure: Check your cholesterol and blood pressure level. In order to eliminate the toxins from your body, drink organic tea and do some exercises.

Upper part of the cheeks: Lungs
Cause: Pollution, smoking and asthma. Dark circles around your eyes are also possible.
Cure: Try to avoid being exposed to cigarette smoke or polluted air. If you are a smoker, quit smoking as soon as you can. Do some additional exercises throughout the day.

Cheeks: Lungs and kidneys
Cause: Unhealthy food,consumption of sugar in high doses, smoking and being under stress.
Cure: Start buying high quality products and get rid of unhealthy food.

Mouth and chin: Stomach
Cause: Stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, sugar and food loaded with fat. If you are a spicy food lover, be careful since when you eat spicy food this area is most impacted. You can cause an imbalance from stressing and staying late without sleep.
Cure: Include a lot of fruit and veggies in your food and detox your organism. Visit your doctor, if after some time, you still have problems.

Jaw and neck: Hormones
Cause: Drinking small amounts of water and a large intake of seasoned food and salt. However, problems can be caused by consuming a lot of caffeine as well.
Cure: Drink large amounts of water per day and reduce the intake of caffeine, salt and seasoned food.


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