Most deviation is innate, and a number occurring after the trauma, the most common fracture of the nose.

It is consider that the 90 percent of people have a certain degree of deviation of the nasal septum. Most deviation is innate, and a number occurring after the trauma, the most common fracture of the nose. Distorted nasal septum is the culprit for a large number of respiratory illnesses, but not all.Crooked noseSomeone can have a minimum of curve partition, and have a lot of health problems, while some people who have it innate, can get used to breathe properly through the nose.

People who have the curve partition usually breathe through their mouth. The role of the nose is that the air is purified and heated, and with mouth breathing air is directly, unrefined passes into the lungs.

Over time, and mucous membranes of the nose loses its function because it is not used, and becomes atrophic, which leads to frequent viral and bacterial infections of the nose, sinusitis and rhinitis. And, most common in these people are infections of the throat and lungs.

Mouth breathing reduces lung capacity by as much as 40 percent, thereby reducing the level of oxygen in the blood, and all that endangers the functioning of the heart, brain and other organs. These people often complain of fatigue, exhaustion and suffocation, and inability to climb stairs.

Deviations of the nose are often associated with allergies, so all these symptoms worsen and doubled. It is not uncommon in many years of obstruction in breathing through the nose and lead to the formation of polyps, chronic sinusitis and rhinitis.

The only treatment is surgery septum deviation, or its correction. It cannot solve problems, but only if the mucosa is not already damaged, and that there are no allergies.

The operation provides better access through the nasal passages, but if the mucous membranes lose their function, which usually happens if problems last for several years or even decades, the operation itself will not help much. Although mechanically, after the operation, there is no obstacle to the passage of air, patients still have the feeling of nasal congestion, loss of sense of smell or frequent infections.

Therefore it is important to treat associated diseases, for example, if you are allergic to treat with the existing therapy, and with septoplasty, or surgery partition, problems can be significantly reduced or disappear.

If the mucous membrane is damaged, it is treated with certain sprays, regularly moisturizing and washed, but that the healing process takes months. If the patient is persistent and disciplined after this period will bring its function of mucous membranes and restore the sense of smell, but often need to continue the therapy prescribed by his doctor prescribed by specialists.