snapAntioxidants are an important factor in the treatment of cancer, liver disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and even the aging process.

You want to improve your physical condition, have heart problems or just want to be healthy and enthusiastic? Nature gives you the answer – Jiaogulan!

Jiaogulan (lat. Pentaphillum Gynostemma) is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids that contribute to its antioxidant, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, sedative and tonic properties.

Most importantly, it contains large amounts of saponins gipenozida, which are three to four times more than ginseng. It is rich in antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which protect body cells from damage and prevent diseases and encourage the natural healing process. Antioxidants are an important factor in the treatment of cancer, liver disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and even the aging process.jiaogulan

In one of the studies conducted on approximately one thousand respondents showed that Jiaogulan is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Also, it was found that raising good cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It also improves the strength of the heart and can modulate blood pressure by 80 percent.

Another study on 200 athletes proved that enhances endurance and recovery, and it is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to improve their performance.

Treating the whole body

Jiaogulan balances hormones and reduces the stagnation of blood in the abdominal compartment, thereby increasing the chances of conception.

Its medicinal properties are spread to the liver, which protects against toxic chemicals. Jiagoulan is beneficial for the lungs and therefore it is markedly effective in the treatment of bronchitis.

Because of its properties, balancing the metabolism, it is suitable for weight loss, and weight gain, if it is desirable. Enhances and strengthens digestion, helping underweight people to more easily absorb nutrients and increase muscle mass.

And, at the end of the day, it helps you to peacefully fall asleep. The study found improvement in the quality of sleep in 90 percent of the respondents. Also, jiaogulan has beneficial effect on: circulation, immune system, nervous system, digestive system, the liver and the spleen, health, energy levels, digestive system, hormones, respiratory and urinary tract. Jiaogulan prevents the progression of cancer cells and slows the growth of tumors already formed by stimulating immune cells. In China, is given during chemotherapy and radiation because it speeds up recovery.

Tea of Jiaogulan

Take a teaspoon of dried herbs or two tablespoons fresh herb and cook for three minutes in 2.5 ounces of water, then strain. The longer you leave the foliage to stand in the water, it will be as sweet tea. It is also great as a cold drink.

Macerate Jiaogulan for skin care

Pour leaves of Jiaogulan with extra virgin olive oil. Let it stay for two weeks in a warm place and shake occasionally. Strain the oil through cheesecloth into a dark glass bottle. Store in a cool, shaded place. This oil you can use for care of problematic skin. Jiaogulan stimulates circulation, makes skin smooth, fresh and elastic.

Tincture of Jiaogulan

In a dark jar, mix leaves of Jiaogulan with Russian vodka (1:4). Hold for 30 days in a dark place,and shake it two times a day. Strain well through cheesecloth and store in a dark place. This tincture can create a four-week kuru. At the beginning take a couple drops of tincture and hold a few minutes under the tongue. This dose gradually increase to 2 to 3 teaspoons a day.

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