Journalist of the site “Thrillist” decided to drink a gallon (4 liters) of water daily for a month. Although he expected some changes he was definitely not ready for many things.

Day 1: The party starts

Given that I do not know how much glasses of water are contained in one gallon (4 liters), I decided to buy a plastic bottle of one gallon and carry it with me everywhere. Already at the beginning it seems that this will be more difficult than I imagined. I was trying to focus on drinking water so I would reach my daily quota for the day. It’s very strange to devote my body and soul in the purpose of drinking water.

Day 5: I pee every 20 minutes

I really love to drink water. My body and probably the body of any other person, is composed of 60 percent water, but no one drinks 4 liters of water per day. You really have to make an effort to perform the work. Drinking even when definitely not thirsty. But nothing is different. The only change is the constant feeling of fullness, which is why I eat less. Plus, I’m going to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Everyone thinks that I have a problem with drugs because I am constantly going in and out of the bathroom. When I am out I drink with every other drink and constantly running to the bathroom.

However, four liters of water a day is too much, here is why

Day 10: I became prettier…?

Something is going on, especially in the morning. Basically I need a cup of coffee as soon as I open my eyes that I’d started, but now I wake up completely fresh and with more energy. This is a nice change. Even I feel better. Maybe it’s the placebo effect. My hair has been given a whole new sheen, but in general, I consider myself beautiful, but I’m not sure what is happening. I still find it hard to carry enough water with me. Practically at all times, even when I sleep, I have a plastic bottle next to me in order to reach the quota. Although people look at me strange, I think my forearm strengthened. I think.

Day 15: I’m full of energy

I definitely have more energy. I almost no longer drink coffee. This is a big change because I used to drink up to three cups. When the evening I’m going to run, I feel that I’m faster. My dream is better. Even it is not hot when I sleep. Not only that, I feel incredible thirst every time I do not drink the water. It seems that the body adapt to my new lifestyle. I have the impression that it might never be the same.

Day 20: People tell me I look like I am happier

I do not know why. I might actually do.

Day 25: I become a better person

I still often go to the bathroom. My girlfriend noticed that my skin looks cleaner and I feel that I have more energy. It sounds strange, but I have the impression that I feel really better. I no longer have no problem with the drinking water. I’m adapting to the amount and it now represents my norm.

Day 30: Free and clean

The last day of my challenge. I still have to pee constantly and I am constantly thirsty. I feel like my grandfather. But unlike him, I feel good. Maybe a little too much to drink gallons of water, but I’ve definitely noticed that I had not been drinking enough water.

Probably no one would recommend this challenge, but I think it is fine to define a certain amount of water you need to drink during the day.

One thing is certain, it is necessary to drink more water. You’ll feel better and we will be able to pee four times within eight minutes – a super trick.