Nirdosh revealed what he exactly do to have a healthy, beautiful and youthful skin, and then other colleagues supported him.

podmladjivanje-eliksir“Despite popular belief, only 20 percent genetics influence the way we age. Even 80 percent impact on our skin has the way we live, such as smoking, sun exposure, especially diet, which is crucial, “revealed the dermatologist Nitu Nirdosh and caused chaos.

He discovered what diet is the key to youthful and healthy skin – for breakfast regularly drinking freshly squeezed tomato juice, and often consuming beet, watermelon, brown rice, carrots, chicken, eggs, fish and plenty of vegetables.

“I do not eat sweets and I do not drink coffee, do not eat processed carbohydrates and do not nibble anything between meals. I do not eat after 7 pm because the body needs time to release hormones that slow the aging process, and if you eat late, the body shall release insulin, which has a negative effect on the skin, “said Nirdosh.

After his statements, and other colleagues joined him and expressed their honest opinion.

“Nutrition rich in sugar and high glycemic index carbohydrates such as bread and sweets, proven to increase the risk of inflammation in the body, which causes the skin to age faster,” says dermatologist Steffany Williams.

A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that skin aging caused by the dissolution of collagen and thinning of the skin usually starts around 35 years of age.

Namely, when the level of sugar in the blood continuously varies between a high and low, which occurs because of the sugars and carbohydrates, sugar molecules can permanently bind to proteins, including collagen in the skin.

“The consequence is that the tissues lose elasticity, and skin begins to hang, and wrinkles appear early,” says Williams, and discovers that her diet consists of berries, fish, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

“A varied diet is important because the skin needs different types of antioxidants. Sometimes I enjoy the chocolate, or one that contains 85 percent cocoa, which stimulates the production of collagen. I never eat sweets, fried foods, starches and grains, “said the doctor.

On the other hand, Professor Nicholas Hunt, a dermatologist in London, adding that sugar, sweets, dairy products and refined carbohydrates are proven to increase the risk of acne, eczema and psoriasis.

“In order to prevent problems with the skin, my diet consists of boiled eggs, tomatoes, fish and large amounts of green vegetables, and meat dishes twice a week. Avoiding alcohol and spicy foods, and drink coffee and tea when cool, “he says.

Foods low glycemic index and avoiding sweets will help your skin. Eat plenty of vegetables and proteins that are found in fish and chicken, and avoid sweet tropical fruit. They recommend all kinds of berries, which contain antioxidants because they rejuvenate the skin.