French queen often enjoyed the sweet, spicy and top gourmet dishes. How then managed to maintain a slender figure and extent of waist of only 58 centimeters? We reveal the royal secrets of the 18th century.Marie Antoinette, the French queen is remembered by the statement “Let them eat cake”, and spent his life led by that rule.

Queen enjoyed in sweets, she enjoyed to the true gourmet dishes and in gastronomic specialties as well suited to her status. So how then is it possible to have waist of 58 centimeters, because of what, as it is said in some historical sources, was not need to wear a corset under dresses?

The secret of her slim waist is in regular arrangement of meals, where for the morning breakfast is mandatory specified a quantity of sweets, and for dinner is given only an light meal.

Morning breakfast at Marie Antoinette was consisted of pastry with coffee or hot chocolate, for appetizer she eat pate, oysters and lobster, and for a lunch rabbit stew, salmon, mussels. Through the day she enjoyed in pasta with cheese and vegetables in a spicy sauce.

Diet of the French Queen reflects the so-called “French paradox”, where the amount of food is eaten, and still is maintained a slender line, and with that is avoided and heart problems.

The key of the diet on Marie Antoinette is in intake of sweets for the morning breakfast, which satisfies the appetite in a while, until dinner is comprises from soup or vegetables, where it is important not to be unhealthy, strong food and alcohol.

So you let in the Royal meal – sweet morning breakfast, lunch of your choice and a light dinner before 20:00, and you’ll have no problems in maintaining a slender line.