alienThere is a new study about ancient DNA. This study came to an amazing discovery – the genome of our ancient ancestors, Denisovana contains DNA segment which is thought to come from some other type that is not known to the science.

The discovery suggests that 30,000 years ago were represented intersection between ancient human species from Europe and the species from Asia. However, much more important discovery is that the ancient people interbreed with a mysterious species in Asia – one that represents neither the people nor the Neanderthals.

As soon as the results of the study became clear, researchers have started a heated discussion and debate, and they immediately started speculation about who could be from the unknown type. Some believe that this could be Asian offshoot of Homo heidelbergensis who lived in Africa about half a million years. It is believed that the representatives of this type of the ancestors of European Neanderthals.

Still others, like Chris Stringer, paleoanthropologists from the Natural History Museum in London, recognized that not even have an idea of which is the mysterious species.

Traces of an unknown genome were found in two teeth and bones Denisovana fingers, which were found in a Siberian cave. There is not much information available about when the Denisovani occurred because of missing their fossils, but geneticists and researchers were able to draw up their genome very precisely.

“It is now starting to indicate that we’re dealing with a world like that of the Lord of the Rings, and indicates that there are a lot of different hominids,” says Mark Thomas, a geneticist at University College London, who specializes in the evolution.

Now one question remains: Who were these mysterious people with whom they Denisovani interbred?