You are planning to go out tonight? Avoid these foods if you do not want to face a big hangover morning.

dontSavory snacks

One of the worst things that alcohol makes to our body – is dehydration. Nibbling on foods such as popcorn, chips or pretzels make our bodies dry, so we need for additional fluid intake.

Here arises a problem as to quench thirst, usually reaching for alcohol.

Instead use some foods that contain water, such as cucumber and melon.


While green vegetables are good for our body in many ways, we all know that the salad after a while will make us hungry.

In such conditions, the effects of alcohol is increasing so before drinking alcohol it is recommended a source of protein, like chicken, which will be digested longer and so will slow down the growth of alcohol in the blood.


The fact is that raw fish and a vodka should not be combined, as will quickly be visible the right action of alcohol. Salt fish and alcohol are double dehydration, so the next morning you will have the worst kind of hangover in your life.


Nothing sounds as good as a large portion of fries. However, fries before alcohol – will only reinforce the negative effects of alcohol, later in the night.

Spicy food

These foods will burden your stomach when you’re sober, and you can imagine what will happen when you will add alcohol. No matter how much we love spicy food should be avoided before consumption of alcohol.