The New Year is coming, and with it the madness in the form of firecrackers and fireworks that are part of the celebration.dogThese explosions and the noise are not pleasant to pets, and studies have shown that as many as 5,000 dogs each year die of a heart attack around the world.

Therefore you should pay special attention to your pet.

The noise that occurs terrifies dogs, cats, birds and other pets and animals. Each shot causes great fear and trauma for them.

Apart from the risk of injury firecrackers, the high degree of noise can damage their hearing that is much more sensitive and cause psychological shock or heart attack.

Stress is a pathological phenomenon, and has nothing to do with race or size of the dogs. Simply, some animals have that fear innate. They therefore have an instinctive reaction, fleeing, hiding under the table, trying to dig a hole to hide.

This stress is not at all healthy for them because their heart is beating fast. In particular, should pay attention to dogs that have heart problems.

In consultation with the veterinarian, it is possible to preventively protect the dog from the shooting. They can be given some tranquilizers used by people, and now there is a plant-based remedy for dogs that is made for this purpose.

Remember, buying and throwing firecrackers can endanger the life of your pet. Think about what you love more – the sound of a gunshot or your pets!