Esophagitis, gastritis, inflammation of the small intestine, an ulcer in the stomach or small intestine can, at different times and under a characteristic circumstances cause an unpleasant burning sensation at the entrance of the esophagus into the stomach.gastroesophageal_reflux1Also modern life and poor eating habits are to blame for all of those who suffer from heartburn. It occurs due to the rising stomach acid, which eventually results in a burning sensation in the stomach and upper chest. Most often bothers the elderly and pregnant women,

A few good habits!

Some of the habits that can help to help digestion problems are: always chew well every bit, always eat sitting, and simplify the structure of meals respecting the correct combinations of foods. It is preferable to abstain – at least temporarily from alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and coffee.

Juices if desired

In the case of increased acid, it is necessary to supply the organism with sugar, water, and mineral salts. The simplest way is to take large amounts of apple juices, orange juice and other fruits juices sweetened with honey. Or, optionally you may take soups and purees of vegetables and oil.

Results obtained by taking baking soda are absolutely not permanent and can never solve the problem definitively.

Useful foods

Carrots, cabbage, fennel, apple, mint, nettle, potatoes, thyme.


In alleviating heartburn BEST help almonds. A handful of almonds (about 20) will neutralize stomach acid for half an hour after consumption.

What is the best almonds are not only a temporary solution … In fact, if the almonds are often consumed eliminate acid so that it does not come back…