Frank’s sign is professionally run, kind of dermatological marker, which was named by T. Sanders

Frank, a doctor, was the first who in 1973 have observed and presented a thesis about the possible relation between characters with the appearance of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Based on his observations have been more than 40 separate studies that point to the fact that this sign of a possible indicator of developing heart disease and blood vessels in patients.earA study was conducted on a sample of 60 people who were divided into two groups: The first group of patients, group A, had a present Frank’s character, and those without Frank’s characters are placed in group B. The study demonstrated that 73% of respondents with present Frank’s character had an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease. Also, in patients who do not have Frank’s sign only 30% had an increased risk for the development of cerebrovascular disease. The researchers concluded that the results indicate a statistically significant correlation between Frank’s sign and the potential risk of cerebrovascular disease or stroke and related brain disorders associated with diseases of the blood vessels.

Since Frank’s character occurs before the onset of the disease of the heart and blood vessels, as indicated by numerous experts, it is extremely important to timely preventive effect on the cardiovascular system. According to experts, prevention is possible to reduce mortality and disability from cardiovascular disease by 50%.

Strauss drops: Your ally in ensuring the health of the heart and blood vessels

The unique performance and efficiency of this natural product has been confirmed in many studies and these drops already more than 30 years prove the power of synergy between man and nature in ensuring the health of the heart and blood vessels.

The key of their performance is unique in the plant composition containing extracts of 7 carefully selected plant species that are combined in precise proportions to its maximum synergistic effect contributed to the normal health of the entire cardiovascular system.

Ensuring the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessel function at the same time influence the level of blood fats, blood pressure and stimulate normal circulation.

Strauss drops, which were created in Canada in 1980, was awarded the NPN number (Eng. Natural Product Number) means all products in the Canadian market with a proven effect and high safety instructions.