Your skin is the largest organ in the body and actually a lot to endure. Bruises, burns, blisters and cuts – our skin heals itself and keeps our internal organs.mlsThings like warts, freckles and moles probably do not seem like a big deal – and usually are not. But still, they can be signs that something is wrong. It is important to be able to conclude if your mole is something wrong. Get to know the ABCs of skin cancer.

A for asymmetry

Normal benign mole, shown on the left should be fairly symmetrical. Both sides seem equal. In the case of melanoma, of cancerous moles, they tend to be of irregular shape, such as the mole shown on the right picture.

B for color

Observe the color of your moles. Normal, harmless mole is usually one color and has a bulge. Melanoma can be identified in part because of its colors and shades. Uneven colors may be a sign that you have something malicious.

R edges

Moles that are not cancerous have smooth edges. Their outlines are often clearly defined. Melanoma on the other hand, often has vague and uneven borders. They often lack a clear form.

D for diameter

Benign moles are often small, no larger than the eraser on a pencil. If you notice that your mole is growing, it can be a sign of melanoma and should be examined by a doctor.

C for change

Evolving 1Observe any changes in normal moles. Changes in the size, color and shape are all signs. If you see a mole suddenly starts to change, see a doctor immediately.