Whether they are chronic patients who take daily therapy, or only occasionally drink some medicine, many people take half a tablet, thereby halving the dose taken.

But pharmacists do not recommend this practice at all, and advise not to break the tablets.pillFilm-coated tablets are coated with a reason, usually to prevent the dissolution and the effect of the drug in the stomach, as well as to protect the stomach lining from aggressive substances from the drug, so is not recommended that the tablets break.

The breaking of some drugs is replaced by pharmacological formulations, not shared properly dose, and in some, multilayer coated drugs with complicated ways of release of drug, changing completely the effect of the drug, with unpredictable effects.

Some drugs can eventually break, usually those which already have a printed line, although the existence of the line is not a sure sign that those tablets may be divided in half.

It is best to break only those drugs, that is clearly indicated in the instructions for remedy, or if patients get such advice from a doctor or pharmacist.