We all know how healthy garlic is, how it improves blood circulation, helps the regulation of the pressure cleaner is the liver and kidneys, suppresses pain in the stomach, helps the airways, kills viruses, helps with skin diseases and herpes.

garlicMost do not like its scent, but there is a way to be consumed without this “suffering”.

Take 8 cloves garlic, mash them a bit and soak in a liter of water.

Let it stand in refrigerator for an hour.

2 dl plain water, mix with 50 ml of water with garlic, and drink on an empty stomach with the help of a straw.

That way you will not feel it, or its smell, and the effect on the body is huge.

If you are suffering from the abovementioned diseases, than consume it more often throughout the day.

Source: http://www.pozivitno.info/recepti/znate-li-sta-dobijete-kada-u-jedan-litar-vode-stavite-malo-cesnjaka/