We heard about the shocking story of Rachel Farock and her decade-long battle with anorexia, earlier this year when she and her husband made an emotional video in which she asked for financial help to pay for treatment at the clinic for eating disorders.rejcel-farokAt her worst period she was only 19 pounds even though she was 170 centimeters tall. She could not move, eat, or take care of herself, and her husband was forced to resign at work to take care of her.

Rachel reached the final stage and many doctors in hospitals across the country have given up and said there was very little chance to survive.

However, her zest for life was still not extinguished, and Rachel decided to shoot a video that was posted to YouTube and begged for any help because she does not want to die.

Human people have donated 200 thousand dollars for Rachel and she used the money to pay her medical treatment abroad.

First, she was treated at home, because she was in a critical state of health. She got special preparations and vitamins in the infusions and was under psychotherapy.

After her condition improved slightly, just enough to be able to survive for a longer time, she was hospitalized in the hospital center in Portugal.

Her situation slowly begins to improve, although she still could no longer stand on her feet or to walk.

A few months ago announced on Facebook that she felt better and was very grateful for all the good people who helped her to survive.

– I finally have clearer minds and I walk towards life. Thank you – she wrote on the social network.

After three months in Portugal, her psycho-physical condition has dramatically improved and she began to eat by herself, and a few days ago, traveled to Washington where she was guest of honor at the Congress for eating disorders.

– Today so many people support me and it gives me strength to continue to fight. Of course, I’m very glad that I participate in raising awareness when it comes to anorexia – said Rachel, who now looks much healthier, but also continuing treatment, which could last for several years.