Recently, with carrot juice an 82-year old man managed to cure himself of heart disease against all odds. After suffering a heart attack earlier the man’s heart was functioning at only 13%, and doctors didn’t give him long to live, but by drinking fresh carrot juice every day he beat their expectations!

After his diagnose the man was put on prescribed meds, but they led to new health problems. Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with kidney failure, and was told that there’s nothing that can help him. Disappointed, the man started preparing for his own death. He could barely walk as he was too weak he was in a bad shape, he was unable to urinate and was in extreme pain. He was admitted to the hospital due to his condition. One day, he asked for a glass of fresh carrot juice which his grandson brought, and once he drank it, his condition was visibly improved. He felt better, started eating, he managed to urinate properly and experienced an energy boost which brought back the color on his face. His blood pressure went back to normal as well, and after he started drinking carrot juice 3 times a day all of this happened!

The doctors they thought that the man would die shortly after getting back home, but were amazed by his progress. However, he managed to cure himself naturally and was later released from the hospital. He went back home and is currently in great condition.

The link between carrot juice and heart health

Carrots are rich in essential vitamins and minerals great for your overall health. You will decrease the risk of obesity, kidney problems, heart disease and cancer by consuming them regularly. To the high vitamin A and C content most of their heart-protective properties can be attributed.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can indeed fight heart disease as suggested by a 2008 study published in the “Heart and Circulatory Physiology” journal. It works by preventing the thickening of the ventricular walls and reducing the effects of stress on the blood vessels which are often responsible for heart failure.

Vitamin C

That vitamin C can prevent coronary heart disease and reduces the risk of dying from heart disease as well say scientists from the Linus Pauling Institute. Just a cup of fresh carrots contains 10% of the daily recommended vitamin C intake, so make sure to include this healthy vegetable in your diet.

Vitamin K

Carrots are also rich in vitamin K, besides vitamins A and C, which stimulates cellular communication and keeps the blood clotting under control.


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