Aaron Murray (2) was born with severe deformation due to which there is no large part of the brain. The doctors did not give any chances to survive, and now he speaks.pageFor every mother is the most beautiful feeling when she hear the first word of her baby. However, for Emma Murray from Scotland that moment was uncertain and did not believe that she would ever hear. When her two-year-old son Aaron said “mommy”, it was a miracle. The little boy was born without a large part of the brain and has only its very small part that controls the functions of breathing and movement.

Just a few minutes after the birth of Aaron 2013 doctors have 24-year-old Emi said that the child has a rare syndrome holopresencefalia, deformation of the brain and the face ”incompatible with life”. Eron had only a small part of the brain.

Convinced that he will not survive, Emma was in the hospital invited family and closest friends to say goodbye to the boy.

But Eron broke all expectations of doctors and recently celebrated its second birthday. He likes to play and babbling in the company of his older brother, 3-year-old Jack. Its surviving shocked doctors and family, and a few weeks ago even spoke the first word – Mom.

“The doctors told me after birth he would not live long, but did not specify how much. They said that if it was any other organ about, can transplant the new, but not the brain. Eron from the beginning showed that he is the real fighter “said the very happy mom.

“He looked at me and said,” Mom. “I could not believe it. When he was born, they told me that he will be mentally at the level of the newborn forever, but he already shows progress. He is surrounded by love from all sides, and especially loves him elder brother who is singing him songs before sleeping. “said Emma.