A man was diagnosed with lung cancer fifteen years ago. Doctors predicted he would die. However, he had other plans.

lung-cancerIn fact, he managed to cope with this illness with the help of the local, natural medicine consisting of honey and herbs.

He argues that the whole process is documented and that there is sufficient evidence to silence the skeptics, and that hope the patients will continue to fight.

The doctors were amazed at the progress. Thisman was not the only one who testifies that this honey can completely cure cancer when combined with spices, pine needles, ginger and other plants.

Take 2 large pieces of ginger root, 2-3 pieces of dandelion, a handful of pine needles and place in blender. Pour the mixture into a glass jar (500 g) of pure honey. Take one tablespoon, 3-4 times a day. The first effects occur after 4 days of use.


Source: http://www.zivjeti-zdravo.com/doktori-su-bili-sokirani-izlecio-smrtonosnu-bolest-uz-pomoc-dara-iz-prirode-evo-kako/