Once again it was proved the theory that dogs are man’s best friends.


Pippa Woods (3) has been quite normal, lively child and nobody would imagine she has cancer. However, her dog revealed it and thus saved her life.

dogThe dog of the family Woods family, collie Besi, is responsible for a three-year Pippa is alive and she has great chances to be healthy again.

In fact, Paula and Phillip Woods noted that Besi is completely misbehaving when is near Pipe. Smart dog in all ways wanted to draw attention that something is happening to the little girl.

After a while, Besi no longer wanted to move from Pipe, and when her parents tried to separate them, the dog would constantly whine.

Paula and Philipp have realized that it would be good to take their little daughter to the doctor, although they believed it would be a routine check.

After blood tests, doctors were immediately put Pippa to the hospital for further analysis. The parents were shocked, but when the diagnosis arrived they were told that their daughter was suffering from acute lymphocytic leukemia, and they were broken.

Pippa was immediately exposed to chemotherapy and from May until now has gone through multiple tours. Findings now show that her white blood cells are stable, but will be done at least one transfusion.

Doctors are enthusiastic because of the reaction of her body and no matter what the disease is now in remission, they believe that by 2018 Pippa will be completely healthy.

– I believe that the therapy had such an effect only because the leukemia was discovered very early. An it is thanks to Besi – tearfully says Paula Woods.

The battle is not yet over, but thanks to Pippa’s faithful friend, she got a second chance.


Source: http://www.telegraf.rs/zivot-i-stil/2359184-pas-je-znao-da-devojcica-ima-leukemiju-nije-hteo-da-se-odvoji-od-nje-sve-dok-je-nisu-odveli-u-bolnicu-foto