Cockroaches can be very irritating problem and they can be hard to get rid off because they hide in all sorts of hole. The products that you can buy from the market are usually not so sufficient on the other hand if they work, they only solve the problem temporarily.

These products are all based on chemicals, they kill the cockroaches but also have hazardous effect on your health and the smell they create is unbearable.

There is always a better way, what we offer in this article will get rid of the cockroaches without using any chemicals and the best thing is, this solution will be permanent.


First thing what you need to do is take an egg and separate the white from the yolk. For this recipe you will only need the yolk. Place the yolk in a container, next pour 30-50 grams of boric acid powder (borax). Stir the ingredients and you will get slurry mixture.

Make small balls from this mixture, they need to be around 1 cm in diameter and finally leave them to dry out. When you are placing the balls make sure you put them in a place where you thing the cockroaches will appear, on the corners of the rooms and make sure you put in the bathroom and kitchen because these are their most favorite places.

After you place them leave the balls to work their magic, this mixture is not dangers for humans, kids or even animals.
The effect will not appear at start, but after several (2-3) days they will do the job right. You will be cleaning a lot of dead cockroaches (of course if you had a lot of them at the first place). And you will completely destroy them to the last one.

If in a case they reappear, it might be the case that a female bug has laid eggs. Usually this situation can happen after six months and you can destroy them in a same way.

It is important fact to mention that boric acid its not hazardous for humans at all, it is not toxic and its usually used for disinfection. The 3% boric acid is also used as an eye wash solution (this acid is also known as acidiborici). In case you can not find the boric acid powder in your local stores, just replace it with the 3% solution which every pharmacy has it and the price for it is very low.