Less known is the fact that castor oil has numerous benefits, from improving our appearance to improving our body.


Castor oil comes from India and contains fatty acids, specialty ricinolic acid. This acid gives castor oil its incredible properties. It is used to hydrate the skin as well as to promote the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. It was also used as a medicine against constipation, but also as an antiviral, antibacterial and natural laxative.

In this post, we will reveal its properties for alleviating arthritis, sciatica and back pain. Forget about these pains thanks to castor oil.

In addition to its many benefits, it’s also important to remember that castor oil can become toxic if it is not applied properly. You need to be careful to avoid negative consequences. People have used castor oil since ancient times. They used it to heal countless diseases and improve their appearance, but they also used it in the textile industry.

Because of its medical benefits, it is very useful when consumed to ease gum problems and to improve the immune system. It was also used as an antivirus, thanks to its antibacterial qualities, as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is widely known in the cosmetics industry because castor oil is ideal for skin problems such as dermatitis or keratosis. It is also good for concealing scars caused by pimples, as well as wounds and insect bites. Some recently published studies claim that when combined with antibodies, it can be an effective drug against cancer, Parkinson’s disease and some hepatitis, although the results have not yet been confirmed.


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